Fitness for women at every stage of life- Our new challenge to create an innovative ‘fitness online platform’


Don’t let excuses stop you from working out!


■ Face your true self, build self-confidence physically and mentally through fitness at “Spice Up Gym”

With the widespread use of SNS such as Instagram, we have seen photos and videos of training women everywhere. There are a lot of women who go to the gym with the desire of getting the “perfect body” they see on social media. It is very important to have fitness goal and work toward it but at the same time this goal should be feasible. If you want to become someone other than yourself, with different body and bone structure, then it can be very frustrating because that means, you’re not facing your true self. Also, it is essential to make fitness and dietary management a lasting habit if you want to succeed. Spice Up Fitness is a place to help women boost self-confidence, to face their true self, be strong physically and mentally through fitness.



■ Making changes in your life is all up to you!

Changes and life events (work, marriage, childbirth, parenting, etc.) are often the reasons for quitting fitness routine, especially for women. To stay healthy for the rest of your life, it is very important to put fitness as a priority once you decided to start it. If you plan to work out “when you have time” because you’re busy or whatever reason, these can easily interrupt your training habit, ending up going back to square one and feeling bad about yourself which can cause a lot of stress falling into a vicious cycle. Even if you can’t go to the gym, it is very important to incorporate a little exercise in your daily routine such as training at home, take a short walk when you go to work so that you can gradually make it a habit.

(Tomo Okabe’s book “Weight Training Makes You Strong” )


■ Get a successful experience through fitness

Anyone can make a difference if you put your mind to it. Many people are coming to Spice Up Fitness with the desire to “change” even a little through training regardless of age, occupations, or circumstances. They don’t make excuses because they’re busy or they’re not good at exercising or because of their age, etc. If you set goals, work hard towards them and get a successful experience eventually, you will have more confidence in yourself as a result.



■ Feel more attractive and confident as a woman

It is important to know that skeleton, body shape, and genetics are strongly related to feminine body make-up. For example, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia all have different body types, so even if an Asian person wants to change the bone structure of the face or make the pelvis larger, that is fundamentally wrong. However, instead of being disappointed to the fact that bones and body shapes are different, ignore the part that can’t be changed, think about how to approach your ideal goal using what you already have. For women, it is essential to focus on the “waist-hip ratio” to keep the body in good shape.



■ A unique method for intensively training the glutes

Even after succeeding to lose weight many people still don’t feel confident enough. Probably a lot of women have had this kind of experience in life. “Losing weight” for most women means “having a flat belly and get an hourglass figure”, therefore, in Spice Up Fitness, we consider it highly important to focus on the weight-hip ratio to make an “hourglass shape” body achievable. Also, many recent studies have shown that glutes muscles are connected to different body movements and they are essential to maintain a healthy body. To get benefits from all these positive sides effectively (keeping your body healthy and look good) Spice Up Fitness created a glutes training method “GLUTES IN ACTION(Wake up the glutes!)”.


■You won’t get a good body shape by “losing weight”

If you’re just losing weight without training your muscle, it will be hard to get an “hourglass figure”. Many people still believe that they will start getting curves by losing weight but that is not true. By losing weight, you’re also losing the fat that we need to get curves and end up having a flat, boyish figure. Even if you’re overweight and have high body fat, it will still look “hourglass figure” if most of the fat is from your breasts and glutes.



Fitness Angel: A “Sports festival” to overcome your difficulties in life.

Unlike the normal fitness contest where participants are required to lose weight and tighten their body putting emphasis on muscle definition, in “Fitness Angel”, a beauty contest organized by Spice Up Fitness, participants are evaluated by the “Waist-hip ratio” which is an important factor for the hourglass body, instead of focusing on “losing fat”. You need fat for rounder glutes and also exercise to reduce your waist size, so participants are putting all their efforts into something changeable, not chasing the ideal. In this contest many finalists started training because of the complex they were feeling. One of them didn’t like her lower body but in the course of training, she recognized that she “can easily put on fat on the lower body”. She succeeded in changing her complex into a strength by knowing what is controllable in your body and what is not.



■Make fitness a daily habit

To realize the benefits of fitness, you need to participate in physical activity regularly. For that, it is very important to do what you can do in small steps, like making good use of your spare time to do exercises and increase daily physical activity, going to the gym regularly, etc. We also recommend using the “glutes band” so you can work on your glutes anywhere!

Glutes Band


An online school that supports women who want to “change”


■Spice Up School is an online fitness community for women

Even if you want to change, many things can be obstacles (like being busy, lazy to go to the gym… etc.) to make fitness a habit. Spice Up Fitness launched a fitness online school “Spice Up School” to help more people overcome the negative feelings towards fitness so they can incorporate it into their daily life. This innovative online fitness community in Japan, connect women with similar goals and thoughts, also trainers will share their daily life and exercise tips through blogs and news so that more women can feel closer to fitness without feeling pressured.


Learn about training and nutrition while staying at home!

In Spice Up School, you can learn a variety of lessons about training, nutrition, and more. You can find lessons such as glutes training using the Spice Up Fitness method, nutrition, and daily diet tips easy to understand for complete beginners too! Also, a large number of recipe contents are available so you can make your daily food healthier. All menus are very easy to make with excellent nutritional balance.




■ Get knowledge about how to train at home effectively

Neither gym workouts nor home workouts won’t give results if done incorrectly. Especially, at-home workouts can end up in failure without getting any results. In Spice Up School home training lessons and nutrition support program, we utilize our know-how and training methods from our Spice Up Fitness gym. We prepared many online courses that will change your body effectively, even at home. Through these courses that are made based on our on-site personal training experiences, you can learn training that will give you results.


■ Detailed and easy-to-understand home training video

What is important when training at home is not just to imitate what you are seeing in the video, but to be aware of where and how you are moving your body. In face-to-face personal training, you can see the movement from various angles, but many of the actual training videos you can only check movement from one direction, so this can result in moving the wrong part of the body and can be very dangerous. Spice Up School’s online home-training video shows live streaming with 5 cameras to check your forms and important points to focus in real-time, to give you the feeling of being taught on the spot without being worried about how to move the body.


■You can train anywhere with a mobile phone or computer

You just need a computer or mobile phone. Watch our videos, take online training lessons, etc. and incorporate fitness into your daily lives! Make use of all our online content to “make no excuses” anymore!



■Dietary management support and recipes by a certified dietitian

Our online dietary support will help you learn the diet and nutrition knowledge and be able to choose what you eat to stay healthier. Dietary knowledge is essential for successful training results. In this dietary support course, a certified dietitian will give you advise and assist you all regarding eating well, so you can certainly work towards your goal. We also have a great selection of original recipes that you can easily make at home.



■The ultimate goal is to improve your life!

By taking our fitness courses, you will get new knowledge, you will be able to train on your own, choose the right food, etc. Spice Up School is a school to learn how to be “independent” as a woman by building a strong body and mind. All knowledge acquired here will benefit you in every aspect of your life. By “facing yourself” you can create a successful experience!

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